4-H Members and Volunteers Elect 2016 Officers

— Written By and last updated by Denese Prevatte

It was an exciting election as members of the 4-H County Council and Volunteer Leaders’ Association met at Mr. P’s Skateworld to exercise their voting rights and bodies. The group met and introduced the candidates for office. This year, both groups had a full slate of nominees. Running for County Council were: Jeshaiah Moore, Young Leaders 4-H Club, for President; Amaria Rogers and Gia Williams, both with Titans 4-H Club, for President-Elect; Michiko Hill, Inspirational Youth Leaders 4-H Club, for Secretary/Treasurer; Katee Hiller, St. Paul’s 4-H Pony Club, and Reece Rogers, Titans 4-H Club, for Reporter; and Alex Evans and Christian Graham, both with Dirty Dozen 4-H Shooting Sports Club, for Sergeant-at-Arms. After the ballots were counted, the 2016 4-H County Council officers will be: Jeshaiah Moore – President, Amaria Rogers – President-Elect, Michiko Hill – Secretary/Treasurer, Katee Hiller – Reporter, and Christian Graham – Sergeant-at-Arms. We had a tie for the reporter position, and based on the bylaws for the organization, we had to flip a coin to determine the winner of the election. When the coin landed, Katee Hiller became Reporter.

On the adult side, we had almost as much excitement. Running for offices were: Pam Walton for President, Monica Graham and Aggie Rogers for President-Elect, Gina Rozier for Secretary, Bonnie Canady for Treasurer, Jill Deems for Reporter, and Larry Russ for Parliamentarian. Joyce Peay, the current President, will move into an advisory role as Past President. When the votes were counted, the 2016 4-H Volunteer Leaders’ Association officers became: Pam Walton – President, Aggie Rogers – President-Elect, Gina Rozier – Secretary, Bonnie Canady – Treasurer, Jill Deems – Reporter, and Larry Russ – Parliamentarian. All the officers will be officially affirmed into office later this year and will go through orientation before starting in their official capacities next year.

After the election, it was time for everyone’s favorite part, getting their skates on and hitting the floor. No doubt, our 4-H members, and even some adults, slept well after the fun and exercise they got roller-skating. The 4-H County Council and Volunteer Leaders’ Association will begin meeting in January 2016.

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