We Have an App for That!

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We are pleased to announce that Robeson County 4-H has unveiled an app for its 4-H families and volunteers. The Robeson County 4-H App can be downloaded from Apple and Google stores by downloading the 4-H Now app and searching for Robeson County 4-H.

Phone with 4-H logo on screen and "Download 4-H Now App"

The app is free and will give families the opportunity to register for upcoming programs at the touch of a button. You will also be linked to all the social media applications, get reminders sent to your phone (if you choose to do so), and have access to the program calendar, which will allow you to save things to your calendar and share with friends and family. “We are hoping this will level the playing field for all of our families and make communication from 4-H so much easier and accessible to everyone,” said  Extension 4-H and Youth Development Agent, Shea Ann DeJarnette.  This is the first app of its kind for 4-H in North Carolina.